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Born in 1970 in a poor village in Huaiyang County, Henan Province, Du Wei gradually developed a strong interest in calligraphy under the influence of his mother. For many years, he has trained himself in "letters are like people, down-to-earth", and worked tirelessly and continuously.




Du Wei has studied books for more than thirty years. He has learned a lot from ancient and modern calligraphic calligraphic posts, absorbing the essence of his predecessors. He taught ancient but not archaic, and gradually formed the calligraphy style of intersity between reality and falsity. Du Wei is a wilful man who is good at listing books and expresses his mind in opening and closing. His listing books are simple, heavy and precipitous.







He was named the first Chinese Painter and Calligrapher of the Top 100 in 2014.

In May 2014, the word "Fu" in the list of six feet representative works was included by the Organizing Committee of Badaling Great Wall, Ministry of Culture. The word "Fuhe Shou" in the list is loved by senior leaders of the central government.

The Outstanding Contribution Award of the Second China Charity Education Forum in 2015.

In 2016, he was awarded the "Top 100 Most Popular Calligraphers and Painters in the Market" by the news media of the Central State Council. In March 2017, with the consent of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, he was appointed as a member of the "Professional Committee of Calligraphic and Painting Arts of the Chinese National Architecture Research Association". His works have won the favor and collection of people from all wal

In June 2017, the representative works "Haina Baichuan, rare confusion, family and all things prosperous, Tiandao reward diligence" were collected by the leaders of Lanzhou Military Region.




On December 20, 2017, Mr. Du Wei was invited by CCTV to participate in the "2018 International Chinese Public Welfare Congress" held in Beijing, and won the "Prize for Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Communication", and was interviewed live by CCTV's "Wisdom China Column Group".

In May 2018, he was awarded the Golden Prize for Great Wall Culture of China. The representative works of calligraphy "Fu" and "Haina Baichuan" were approved by the State Council. In September 2018, they were engraved on the Great Wall of Badaling (Xibazi Section). Teacher Du Wei's calligraphy works are now priced at RMB 50,000 per square foot by the Chinese Artists Assessment Committee!



His works are deeply loved and collected by politicians, businessmen, stars and the broad masses of the people, and have been reported by the central media for many times. Art comes from life, art comes from the people, all art serves the people. Teacher Du Wei takes an active part in all kinds of charitable calligraphy and painting donation activities with love. He has participated in the activities of charitable auction and spring couplets written by charitable calligraphers for many years. He has followed the Chinese Patriotic Education Promotion Association many times to present calligraphy and painting works to the people, which is highly praised by the masses of the people.


Calligraphy art should be innovated and surpassed constantly on the basis of respecting tradition. Du Wei is a late-maturing and thin-haired calligrapher. He attaches great importance to tradition. He has attached great importance to tradition for decades, and has been praised by the mass media as the most potential calligraphy for market investment in recent years because of his artistic attainments at large-scale Auctions at home and abroad. Home, Mr. Du Wei keeps in mind the tenet of Chairman Xi Jinping's Symposium on Literature and Art on November 30, 2016: "Let a hundred flowers blossom, a hundred schools of thought contend, all arts serve the broad masses, have great love in mind, have people in mind and shoulder responsibility." Gold cups and silver cups are not as popular as the masses', "Gold awards and silver awards are not as praised by the masses". There is no best, only better, new era and new goals. New development, continuous innovation and transcendence, further serving the broad masses of people, seeking truth from facts, integrating love, goodness, virtue, wisdom, courage, hall and dilapidation into their own painting and calligraphy art, and relying on strength into the palace of artistic success!



Du Wei was elected Vice-Chairman of China Public Welfare Calligraphers Association, Vice-Chairman of China Calligraphers and Painters Association, Member of Calligraphers Association of Central Government Organs, Member of Chinese Educational Television "Ink and Water Danqing Column Group", Member of Ink and Water Danqing Calligraphy and Painting Academy, China's Top 100 Most Popular Calligraphers and Painters in the Market, Initiator of Chinese Brand Artists, Excellent and Innovative Model Characters of Chinese Callig Representatives, Chinese painting and calligraphy pioneers, contemporary 100 best calligraphers and painters in China, the most influential calligraphers and painters in the new era of China, leading figures in the new era of Chinese painting and calligraphy, Chinese meritorious calligraphers, Chinese soul calligraphers.





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